IWD Speakers

  • Aga Bielak

    Aga Bielak

    Google – Technical Cloud Solutions Specialist

    Aga is a cloud and Kubernetes expert with 7 years of experience. Nominated as a 2023 Top Woman in Cloud Computing in Poland, she’s dedicated to breaking barriers and inspiring young talent in IT.

    • Scaling AI workloads with Kubernetes: orchestrating success
    • Panel Discussion – My Journey
  • Alejandra Stamato

    Alejandra Stamato

    Tech Lead, HubSpot

    Alejandra is an Android software engineer and TL at HubSpot. Formerly Android Developer Relations Engineer at Google for Jetpack Compose (2021-2023). She’s worked for multiple apps in the past, gathering a tenure of ~10 years in the industry.

    • The Modern Android Developer: Trends, Tools, and Techniques
  • Annalisa Arcella

    Annalisa Arcella

    ML Engineer Manager – NLP lead – Google Women Techmakers Ambassador

    Dr. Annalisa Arcella is an ML Engineer Manager and AI Lead with 15 years worldwide from biomedical research, IoT, to financial service and the public sector. She is a cloud enthusiastic, public speaker and active ambassador of Google Developers Community as Women TechMakers. She worked and lived in 5 countries and is a swing dancer.

    • NLP 360º
  • Ayesha Bhatti

    Ayesha Bhatti

    Policy Analyst for the Center for Data Innovation

    Ayesha is a New York qualified attorney with a masters degree in Computer Science, specializing in Python and Java. She focused her dissertation on building a stacked convolutional neural network to predict the outcome of legal cases.

    Ayesha worked as an engineer at a tech consultancy firm before moving into the world of policy with a US-based think tank, where she leads up tech policy work in London and Brussels.

    Ayesha is passionate about the intersection of technology and law, and enjoys discussing AI, Open Source, Digital Rights, and Copyright.

    • Exploring The Importance of Open-Source Development In The Pursuit Of Innovation
  • Chinmayee Murugkar

    Chinmayee Murugkar

    Freelance Product Designer

    A seasoned Product Designer with three years of hands-on experience dedicated to empowering tech startups through intuitive and user-friendly digital products. My journey in the realm of design began with a spark of curiosity and a drive to make a tangible impact in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

    In my role as a Product Designer, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with forward-thinking startups, diving deep into the intricacies of their unique challenges, and crafting solutions that resonate with users on a profound level. From conceptualization to execution, I thrive on the creative process, leveraging my expertise in user research, prototyping, and UI/UX design to breathe life into innovative ideas.

    My approach to design is rooted in empathy and understanding. I believe that behind every pixel and every interaction lies a story waiting to be told. By immersing myself in the mindset of the end-user, I strive to anticipate their needs, address pain points, and deliver experiences that not only meet but exceed expectations.

    • Demystifying Product Strategy: A Designer’s Guide for Tech Startups
  • Christenica Malonzo

    Christenica Malonzo

    Publicis Sapient- Junior Associate Software Engineer

    Christenica is a junior software engineer at Publicis Sapient with a background in Computer Science at Royal Holloway, University of London. She has had experience in backend and front end technologies and is looking forward to specialising in data engineering.

    • Exploring The Importance of Open-Source Development In The Pursuit Of Innovation
  • Deepali Narsiker

    Deepali Narsiker

    Allyship Head at Women in Streaming Media

    Deepali brings over 20 years of distinguished expertise in the TMT sector, with a deep understanding of user engagement and the strategic application of AI in search and recommendation technologies. Her proven track record includes leading content and distribution initiatives at HOOQ, a premium OTT platform established by SingTel, Warner Brothers, and Sony Entertainment. Currently, she leverages her extensive knowledge to advise organisations on crafting effective content and distribution partnerships that drive rapid international expansion, fueled by AI-powered user engagement strategies.

    • Navigating the Tech Ecosystem: The Power of Allyship, Sponsorship, and Mentorship
  • Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni

    Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni

    Director and co-founder of ARNA Genext Solutions Private Limited

    Dr. Kulkarni is the Director and co-founder of ARNA Genext Solutions Private Limited, a pioneering Microbiome Resource Platform. Through digital courses, apps, research endeavors, webinars, and wellness programs, ARNA Genext Solutions endeavors to democratize access to information about the human microbiome, thereby empowering individuals to optimize their health and well-being. Driven by a commitment to scientific excellence and public health, Dr. Rashmi Kulkarni continues to make profound contributions to the field of microbiology, education, and entrepreneurship, advocating for a holistic approach to health that encompasses both individual and environmental factors.

    With a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from The Ohio State University and a Master’s degree in Microbiology from The Institute of Science, Mumbai, Dr. Kulkarni has established herself as a distinguished expert in microbiology and genetics. Her post-doctoral research in Evolutionary Genetics at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore provided her with invaluable insights into genetic mechanisms and evolutionary processes. Following this, Dr. Kulkarni conducted research on calcium signaling pathways in cancers at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar, where she developed a keen interest in the microbiome and its impact on human health.

    Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors and scientific research, Dr. Kulkarni is deeply committed to education and public outreach. She conducts programs for students, parents, and teachers to raise awareness about the gut microbiome and its relationship to nutrition and long-term health. As the coordinator for the Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum, Dr. Kulkarni focuses on nutritional awareness programs in India through the Aahaar Kranti vertical.

    As Director and co-founder of ARNA Genext Solutions Private Limited, Dr. Kulkarni is at the forefront of efforts to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of the microbiome. Through her multifaceted approach, she strives to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being by harnessing the power of microbiome science.

    • Empowering Women in Tech: Nurturing Wellness through Gut Health
  • Eddie Jaoude

    Eddie Jaoude

    Open Source DevRel, founder of EddieHub community

    Eddie is an Open Source fullstack and DevRel expert, with experience in Javascript, Typescript, SQL, NoSQL, automation testing and DevOps.

    The foundation of Eddie’s tech ethos is Open Source, as there is something in it for everyone. Eddie founded the EddieHub community to foster collaboration, communication and career development.

    Eddie received the GitHub Star of the Year 2020 Award, GitHub Community Growth Award 2021 and GitHub Teacher of the Year Award 2022.

    • Are you scared of public speaking?
  • Gayle Thompson-Igwebike

    Gayle Thompson-Igwebike

    Director, Next Tech Girls.

    Gayle is a dynamic professional, who empowers women in tech & drives industry change. As the Director of Next Tech Girls, she bridges the gender gap by creating spaces for young women in STEM. With a software engineering background, and as a Women TechMakers Ambassador, Gayle advocates diversity, fostering equitable tech environments. Recognised as a Top Contributor for Women Who Code-London, she builds a strong female tech community, inspiring others to pursue their goals. A United Nations Women’s CSW68 Delegate for 2024, she champions global gender equality, shaping policies for empowerment. With her unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and dedication to equality, Gayle is a driving force for positive change in the tech industry and beyond.

    • From Empathy to Empowerment: Navigating the Path of Selfless Assistance.
  • Ines Rigaud

    Ines Rigaud

    Data and Innovation Analyst

    • #IAmRemarkable Workshop
  • Isha Upadhyay

    Isha Upadhyay

    Publicis Sapient – Associate Software Developer

    I have a passion for STEM and want to make STEM subjects more accessible to a diverse range of communities. I studied computer Systems Engineering at Queen Mary’s university of London and this is the first time stepping out of my comfort zone to present in front of other women in STEM and widen experience.

    • Exploring The Importance of Open-Source Development In The Pursuit Of Innovation
  • Ishita Narsiker

    Ishita Narsiker

    Computer Science Undergraduate Student – University of Glasgow

    I am currently a 4th year Computer Science postgraduate at the University of Glasgow, where I’ve had the privilege to immerse myself in the dynamic field of technology. My journey in tech is marked by my roles as a Women Techmakers Ambassador and a Next Tech Girls Role Model, positions that underscore my dedication to fostering inclusivity and empowering women within the tech community. Additionally, as the GDSC (Google Developer Student Clubs) Lead at my university, I’ve embraced the opportunity to mentor and guide the next wave of tech innovators.

    My academic and professional pursuits have sparked a deep passion for the real-life applications of generative AI. This cutting-edge area of study represents the future of our interaction with technology, and I’m thrilled to be part of this evolving landscape. My technical skills are further bolstered by my experience in UI/UX and frontend development, gained through two enriching internships at JP Morgan. These roles not only allowed me to contribute to meaningful projects but also led me to earn my AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, enriching my understanding of cloud technologies.

    Community growth and mentorship are pillars of my philosophy. My involvement with GDG (Google Developer Groups) Glasgow has taught me the importance of mentorship and active inclusion. These experiences have shaped my approach to leadership within my chapter at GDSC, where I strive to create an environment that encourages learning, innovation, and collaboration.

    I am eager to share my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned with fellow tech enthusiasts. I believe that through sharing our stories and insights, we can inspire a more inclusive, innovative, and collaborative tech community.

    • Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Women at the Intersection of Tech and Social Impact
  • Jai Campbell

    Jai Campbell

    SRE | Architect

    Software engineering generalist

    • Explore Site Reliability Engineering Best Practices with Gemini
  • Louisa Andrianopoulou

    Louisa Andrianopoulou

    Strategic Leader in Enterprise Transformation | Agile Expert | Driving Innovation and Excellence in Global Business Environments

    With over 17 years in large-scale business transformation, Louisa excels in steering companies through significant change initiatives. Holding an MSc in Project and Programme Management, Louisa blends academic insights with practical experience. As an Enterprise Transformation Coach at JP Morgan, Louisa has led successful tech-driven and cultural shifts, significantly boosting operational efficiency and profitability. An advocate for agile methodologies, Louisa is known for translating complex concepts into actionable strategies, making her a sought-after speaker. Louisa’s engaging delivery and real-world case studies provide invaluable insights into effective business agility and transformation strategies.
    In 2022, she was awarded the title of transformational leader by JP Morgan Chase.

    • Einstein Meets Executive: A Bold Exploration of Physics in Leadership
  • Mohima Ahmed

    Mohima Ahmed

    Senior Product Manager

    Mohima Ahmed is a Senior Product Manager at Motive Create with 6 years of experience working in tech. She is also a Co-founder of Fitboard.

    Dedicated to having a social impact through technology, she discovered this personal mission as a teenager and has not looked back since building her first award-winning App soon after.

    Mohima is a born and bred Londoner who graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Imperial College, London, UK. She believes that technology can be a huge force for good and wants to help deliver digital products that serve and protect those who need them the most.

    • Exposing the Barrier: Institutionalised Classism and Its Impact on Talent Acquisition
  • Nageela Yusuf

    Nageela Yusuf

    Founder and CEO, TikBox.io and Cerebriam Studio

    Nageela is the technical founder and CEO at TikBox.io and Cerebriam Studio.

    She built and commercialised the AI enabled Cerebriam Studio online video editor, and is currently building TikBox.io to add provenance and licensing labels for creative digital assets.

    She started her journey as a developer by hacking a Nvidia Shield TK1 tablet device to support Linux OS so that she could deploy a C++ video app on the hardware.

    After a short stint with iOS, she discovered web languages and the power of the cloud, and has never looked back!

    She has over 15 years of experience in technology, AI, marketing, and policy gained from working at organisations ranging from multinationals to start-ups. She is trained in media and photography and has made videos for clients such as the European Commission, UCL, and WeWork.

    • Art & Generative AI: the Next Frontier of Human Communication?
  • Natalie Godec

    Natalie Godec

    Cloud Architect | Google Dev Expert in Cloud

    Systems/infra engineer turned cloud architect, with a soft spot for data platforms and security. GDE (Google Dev Expert) in Cloud, a Women TechMakers Ambassador and an experienced tech speaker.

    I speak English, Ukrainian and French (and a liiittle bit of Italian), and am based in London, UK.

    My previous talks and interviews (some of them): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS3g1K3mnmajt5Eu3nNaAiMK3hXjVRRNL

    • All of your data needs, solved: a cloud-native data platform
  • Nishi Ajmera

    Nishi Ajmera

    Publicis Sapient, Senior Associate

    Nishi Ajmera is a full stack developer who is passionate about emerging new technologies in the web development field. With a keen interest in web development, she has gained expertise in various programming languages, frameworks, and tools.
    Apart from her professional expertise, Nishi is a public speaker and has delivered multiple sessions at various Google Developer group talks and Javascript meetups.
    When she’s not coding or reading, Nishi can be found exploring new places and cuisines. She believes that traveling and trying new things is a great way to keep her mind fresh and inspired.

    • Harnessing Human Feedback for Reinforcement Learning using Vertex AI
  • Renuka Kelkar

    Renuka Kelkar

    Flutter GDE | DevRel Advocate @ Invertase | Founder@TechPowerGirls

    Renuka Kelkar is DevRel Advocate @ Invertase and GDE for Flutter and Dart. Founder of TechPowerGirls Community. Along with this, she is an organizer for GDG London and a Womentechmaker ambassador.

    • Workshop: Building an Gemini AI-Powered Emoji Movie-Guessing App with Flutter and Firebase
  • Sarah Abail

    Sarah Abail

    Client Advisor at Gartner | Speaker | Metaverse | Augmented Reality

    As a Client Advisor, Sarah helps CIOs and their teams harness the power of emerging technologies.

    With a knack for identifying emerging trends and translating them into actionable strategies, she has successfully spearheaded transformative projects for top-tier organizations.

    • Panel Discussion – My Journey
    • Shaping the Metaverse for Her: A Conversation on Female Leadership and Innovation
  • Shijimol A K

    Shijimol A K

    Partner Engineer At Google, Mom & DEI champion

    Shiji is working as a Partner Engineer in Google Cloud. She works closely with Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem, guiding them to develop & integrate innovative solutions, and scale Google cloud through strategic collaborations. She is an Infra modernization specialist with industry experience of over 18 years in IT architecture, Cloud Computing, Security, Automation and DevOps. Her work spans diverse industry verticals, from leading technical pre-sales engagements, to delivery of large scale cloud transformation programs.As an active contributor to the Cloud community, she strives to drive industry progress and inspire positive change through knowledge sharing. She is also a passionate advocate of DEI and champions many DEI initiatives within Google

    • Embrace cultural diversity with AI, beyond language and representation
  • Sumith Damodaran

    Sumith Damodaran

    Sumith Damodaran – I Build Products !

    Technology veteran, from embed, mobile to web have been part of this ever growing technology landscape.

    • Workshop: Building an Gemini AI-Powered Emoji Movie-Guessing App with Flutter and Firebase
  • Sunaina Aytan

    Sunaina Aytan

    Senior Cyber Security Specialist

    Sunaina Aytan is a Cyber Security Specialist, a STEM Ambassador, mentor and an advocate for inclusion and diversity in Tech.

    Winner of TechWomen100 2019, Sunaina has been given recognition for her contribution to the Women in Tech community.

    Using her professional cyber security experience, she actively mentors young females who want to pursue careers in tech, delivers technical talks on a range of security topics, aids cooperate businesses and organisation in encouraging more inclusive recruitment and highlights the importance of practicing a more a sustainable and eco-friendly Tech future.

    Sunainas’ expertise range from delivering technical talk such as ‘Going Green in the Cyber Industry’ and ‘ Why AI is the core for a growing Cyber industry’ to bringing awareness to issues surrounding the importance of diversity for women in tech and ‘Why women can help solve the cyber Security skills crisis’.

    Since joining the industry, Sunaina continues to grow and go above and beyond to pave it forward for the future generation of girls in the STEM industry.

    • Panel Discussion – My Journey
  • Teresa wu

    Teresa wu

    VP Engineer at J.P. Morgan, GDE Flutter/Dart

    Teresa is a public speaker, Google Developer Expert (GDE), mentor, and software engineer who is passionate about front-end development and Cloud technology. She has been working with many talented developers to craft various apps and projects throughout the years, and she likes to explore the world of multi-platform, the fun of continuous delivery, and seeing through the product from development to release. 

    • Accelerate frontend development with Gemini
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